Final Words

To recap, over the last few posts, different points were explored about the Buzzfeed Tasty Campaign. Tasty by Buzzfeed is a communications campaign which brings value to the customer without straightforward financial benefits, mindfully putting together high-quality videos that are compatible with social media and can be enjoyed by everyone. Its success is absolutely undeniable,… Continue reading Final Words

Buzzfeed Tasty and Brand Equity

One of the last benefits of the campaign may be nothing to do with financial gains. Inherently, the communication between the companies and the interested consumer shapes not only the success of our consumerist society, it also gives value and trust between the two parties. Brand equity, a concept known in the communications world, emphasises the… Continue reading Buzzfeed Tasty and Brand Equity

The Price of Delicious

It is now clear what Buzzfeed Tasty is, how it communicates to the viewer and how communication is really the key to its ongoing success. Another question that may appear is, are there any real financial benefits to developing digital content marketing. First of all, to answer the question, advertising should be considered. Digital marketing… Continue reading The Price of Delicious

Buzzfeed Tasty as a Campaign

In the recent posts, it has been confirmed that the campaign has proved to be successful. It isn’t hard to dismiss the content as simply “trendy” or “creative”, yet in the bigger picture, Buzzfeed is undoubtedly setting new standards in the world of digital strategies. Unlike conventional thinking at most media organizations, BuzzFeed is less… Continue reading Buzzfeed Tasty as a Campaign

The Message behind the Tasty

In the previous blog, we have established the relevancy of Buzzfeed Tasty to today’s digital landscape. In short, audiences online are attention focused and Buzzfeed has the skill and experience to provide exciting content to the new audience. This post will introduce more ideas to the table, which are essential to fully understand the campaign.… Continue reading The Message behind the Tasty

Buzzfeed Tasty- A Brief Introduction

Digital media is evolving, and businesses just can’t catch up to the ones that were there to take the risk from the beginning. Although the success of digital communications is yet to convince every business to start making marketing attempts in that vastly new, high-risk area, many smart companies are making a worthwhile choice to… Continue reading Buzzfeed Tasty- A Brief Introduction