Final Words

To recap, over the last few posts, different points were explored about the Buzzfeed Tasty Campaign.

Tasty by Buzzfeed is a communications campaign which brings value to the customer without straightforward financial benefits, mindfully putting together high-quality videos that are compatible with social media and can be enjoyed by everyone. Its success is absolutely undeniable, as it stands out from any other video on the social feed, brings in views and followers, and gets better and better with each video.

It’s not hard to have admiration for such a campaign. Buzzfeed is one of the first brands to have figured out what works in a new world and seem to benefit from it immensely with new possibilities of Sponsorships and a lot of envy from businesses trying to build the same amount of value as the campaign.

buzzfeed-logo-computer-screenReferences used in each blog post: 

Buzzfeed Tasty- A brief Introduction

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The Message behind the Tasty

Buzzfeed Tasty as a Campaign

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The Price of Delicious

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Buzzfeed Tasty and Brand Equity

Final Words


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