Buzzfeed Tasty and Brand Equity

One of the last benefits of the campaign may be nothing to do with financial gains. Inherently, the communication between the companies and the interested consumer shapes not only the success of our consumerist society, it also gives value and trust between the two parties.

Brand equity, a concept known in the communications world, emphasises the importance of giving value to the customer. There is no financial benefit to putting a logo on a shirt, as the customer knows where the shirt came from. The brand equity and value of the brand logo, however, build association not only with the buyer but the people surrounding them.

Infamous Kermit wearing Supreme shirt- A classic example of brand equity

Therefore, Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed Tasty build much more than just financial gain from ads. The cooking videos are using the new medium to explore what works and what doesn’t, ultimately bringing more and more value to the customer. It could be argued that these acts of giving more value to the customer are the opposite of putting a logo on the shirt, as the video on the phone is free to the user, but the shirt’s total price includes not only the manufacturing costs but also the price of privilege to wear the branded item, therefore giving less to the customer.

The videos produced by Buzzfeed Tasty stand out from the other recipe videos. At the end of the day, they were the first to surface with its own brand and take over social media with high-quality, thoughtful content. Their videos are unique and unmistakable.


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