The Price of Delicious

It is now clear what Buzzfeed Tasty is, how it communicates to the viewer and how communication is really the key to its ongoing success. Another question that may appear is, are there any real financial benefits to developing digital content marketing.

First of all, to answer the question, advertising should be considered. Digital marketing communications and content marketing are all secondary profit sources to Buzzfeed as the parental company mostly makes money with advertising.

Buzzfeed earn money as any site on internet earns with advertisements. Being one of the most visited site, the site pumps out about 400 new stories per day, now topping 150 million unique visitors per month. (Gallagher, 2015)

The site knows the audience as tech-savvy people who are cautious of websites running on standard sponsored banners. Instead, Buzzfeed incorporates ads into their content, blending “listicles” as their usual content with sponsored paid advertisements from other companies. The content is usually very relevant to the advertised company.

Buzzfeed Tasty, however, rarely brings sponsored content to recipe videos. In fact, instead, it tries to figure out what brings in the most views and brings brand value to the viewer and then does it better than any other company. Even if the viewer doesn’t know Buzzfeed is the parent company, they still will get unique value from the videos, eventually discovering Buzzfeed is a valued content producer. It’s a matter of subtly bringing value to the viewer without much return that sets Buzzfeed apart, rather instead it works on brand equity and earns money elsewhere, developing future financial possibilities.

Additionally, as Buzzfeed and it’s many campaign producers learn formulas to win over the social media crowd, Buzzfeed can then sell and guide services to other companies, teaching them just what works and how to advertise to a vastly different market. This is already in play, as Buzzfeed encourages sponsorships from other companies. It’s also important to know Buzzfeed’s overall value increases with each popular video, making it very valuable to any potential shareholder.


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