Buzzfeed Tasty as a Campaign

In the recent posts, it has been confirmed that the campaign has proved to be successful. It isn’t hard to dismiss the content as simply “trendy” or “creative”, yet in the bigger picture, Buzzfeed is undoubtedly setting new standards in the world of digital strategies.

Unlike conventional thinking at most media organizations, BuzzFeed is less concerned about driving traffic back to its website. (Griffith,2016)

Buzzfeed Tasty on its own is an entity separate from the articles and entertainment pieces of the original Buzzfeed website. The videos are manufactured to be posted directly to social media such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and with each social media, knowing how the viewer will watch the full clip. For example, Facebook and Instagram have an automatic playback feature that silences the video playing. The producers of Buzzfeed Tasty take into account the short attention per video and therefore make quick, catchy videos that don’t require sound. This particular attention to the format and media hosting the content is essential as this makes the content engaging and sends out an unforgettable message promoting the brand of Buzzfeed.

In addition, it’s important to consider the shareability of the material also. Food is a popular staple of social media. Video recipes are an undisputed shareable content popular with everyone, which increases the success of this campaign. Whether the food is pretty to look at or the viewer wants to make the recipe, the video makes it irresistible to share with followers and friends. The knowledge of the format, material and host media combined with excellent quality cinematography and catchy editing all equals to well-made and popular content.

Example of Buzzfeed Tasty Finished Product




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