The Message behind the Tasty

In the previous blog, we have established the relevancy of Buzzfeed Tasty to today’s digital landscape. In short, audiences online are attention focused and Buzzfeed has the skill and experience to provide exciting content to the new audience. This post will introduce more ideas to the table, which are essential to fully understand the campaign.

Why talk about IMC?

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and it’s many tools have been present since consumerism was created. Over the years, printed media, radio and television have made more ways to connect customers to products, through advertising, sponsoring and Public Relations, to name a few IMC tools.

Communication is the “heart and soul” of the successful Buzzfeed Tasty campaign. It presents value to an audience in a way many companies refused to do their business. Tasty is reliant on pure content to attract customers, which is seemingly innocent and non-profitable. This simply isn’t true, as Buzzfeed digital media is used to effectively gain an audience, build brand equity, and establish sponsorships with featured brands.

It’s important to keep in mind that Buzzfeed Tasty uses effective, thought out methods of IMC to develop the Buzzfeed brand and establish it’s ongoing success.


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