Buzzfeed Tasty- A Brief Introduction

Digital media is evolving, and businesses just can’t catch up to the ones that were there to take the risk from the beginning.

Although the success of digital communications is yet to convince every business to start making marketing attempts in that vastly new, high-risk area, many smart companies are making a worthwhile choice to consider the possibilities of content marketing and social media interactions. This, of course, is recommended by professionals far and wide, in a very stern manner, as it is, at this point, essential.

“Digital is a new imperative. It’s not an option or a nice-to-have” (Walker, 2015)

But to businesses that founded in 2000’s and rely daily on internet based content, digital is their comfort. Companies like Buzzfeed, an American internet media company with a focus on news and entertainment, thrive in a world where customers attention is no longer guaranteed but is short and impact-seeking. (Baisden, 2015)


It might sound simple. Buzzfeed uses videos, images and short articles as they are one of the most attractive media formats online. Buzzfeed caters to both internet experts and your usual Facebook users with the same pleasing, digestible content. One of the most popular campaigns is Tasty by Buzzfeed, gathering a loyal following and big success among all food lovers on the web.

With the use of a series of blogs, Buzzfeed will be thoroughly examined as a content marketing company and Buzzfeed Tasty as a viral campaign who gained its success by following a very easy recipe.


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